Anonymous asked:

speaking of novices; what's your view on training them?

gavelenvy answered:

Do your best to treat them like humans. Teach, don’t train. You train a dog. You teach a person.

I love dogs, but they’re not very good debaters.

Buy them coffee. Learn about who they are and where they come from and what they care about. If they have a sibling they take care of, how they get to school, what they value. Talk to their parents, or learn why their parents aren’t available for you to talk to.

From there, respond as is appropriate to the personality and needs of another human being. Make information accessible and make yourself accessible. Take responsibility for their mistakes.

Teaching someone unfamiliar with forensics how to succeed in forensics is difficult and will take a long time. You have to be prepared to make a personal commitment.

Even if you are not directly mentoring a novice, the right thing to do is to support them if you have the opportunity the same way you would support a friend.

And if supporting the novices on your team and on your circuit is not something you want to do, at very least, don’t actively undermine them.

In first year debate class, the captain of the team told me I would never succeed in a debate event, my organization was weak, my delivery was weak, and I needed to find a different category of events if I wanted to be on the team because Congress was clearly not for me.

Try not to be that guy. You want novices to succeed because of your actions, not in spite of them. You know the line “be the person you needed when you were young?” Do that. Be there for them.



instead of saying ‘man up’ we should say ‘kirk up’ like, get your ideals on! beam like a golden sun-child! believe in the best from people! project hope like a shining ray of love! rappel off the wall and smash jerkwads in the face with your ass!


'Fess Up! Fandom Humiliation

  • 1. What's the worst fanfic you've ever written/have thought about writing?
  • 2. Admit to a kink you're ashamed you like.
  • 3. Copy paste a line from the first smutty fanfic you wrote or fess up to a sexual fantasy you have about a character.
  • 4. Have you ever read or written RPS/RPF?
  • 5. Most shameful ship?
  • 6. Ever been at the center of fandom drama?
  • 7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?
  • 8. Share something you did in fandom that you're embarrassed about.
  • 9. Describe the first time you read a smutty fanfic. What ship was it and what kinks were involved?
  • 10. Any fandoms you'd hate to admit you were a part of?
  • 11. Just how often do you think about your favorite characters getting down and dirty?
  • 12. Someone found your delicious account/bookmarks/AO3 account or however you keep track of your favorite fics. What's the one fic you're going to be most humiliated about?
  • 13. Ever been caught reading smut/writing smut/drawing smut/looking at smutty drawings?
  • 14. What would your parent/guardian/family friend think if they saw your tumblr?
  • 15. Oh shit you croaked without getting rid of the fandom stuff you saved to your computer. What's your next of kin or friend going to find when they turn on your computer?